Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pohatu Class Schoolkit

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Welcome To my Blog!

So today I was doing planting (with the seedling Kits from New World). Did you Know that soil tablets need 50mls of water to grow.

To be continued......


  1. Hi Christian. That is an awesome fact. Now I know how much water to add to my soil tablet. What else did you do during planting?

    Quick tip - make sure you only use capital letters to start sentences or for proper nouns. You don't need a capital 'K' for know, so you can go back and change this to a lower case 'k'.

    From Miss Fortes

  2. Kia ora Christian!
    I'm Rikki-Lee from Grey Main School.
    My Whanau and I are collecting the Little Gardens as well. I didn't know they needed that much water, how did you find that out?
    E te katoa mo inaianei (That's all for now)
    From Rikki-Lee.