Friday, September 8, 2017

Last Skateboarding Session (Special)

Hello Bloggers! A Sad thing is happening today the skateboarding sessions are over ;c
Luckily I'm getting a 2nd session today! XD
We had two coaches today. One of them was called Aiden.
I'm happy for my 2nd session!
.سلام وبلاگنویسان! امروزه اتفاقات عادی ا...  Be Continued


  1. Hi Christian.Your writing is nice but I know that you can write more then that but it was continued but I know that you can write more than that before it gets continued.But keep up the great work.BYE!

  2. To be continued... exciting! How did your second session go Christian?

    From Miss Fortes

  3. Thank you For feedback Thank you,also 2nd session Went very well!